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Piercing Aftercare

Piercing Aftercare

Healing Times for Piercing:

Navel: 4- 6 months (up to 1 year)

Cartilage: 4- 6 months (up to 1 year)

Nostril: 6- 8 weeks

Septum: 6- 8 weeks

Bridge: 6- 8 weeks

Earlobes: 6- 8 weeks

Eyebrow: 6- 8 weeks

Lip/ Labret/ Monroe/ medusa: 6- 8 weeks

Tongue: 4- 6 weeks

Nipples; 6-8 weeks

Aftercare for Body Piercing:


What you need:

Sterile Saline Solution with no additives (read the label carefully)


1) Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching on or near your piercing for any reason.

2) Clean 2-3 times daily (do not clean more than 3 times a day as this will lead to irritation). Soak down a few Q-Tips in Saline solution and gently clean around the entry and exit site of your piercing. It is unnecessary to spin or rotate the jewelry.

3) Avoid submerging your piercing underwater (bathtubs, hot tubs, lakes etc) for at least 2-3 weeks. Showering is OK, use plain unscented soap and clean with saline after your shower.

4) Avoid tight clothing in the case of navel piercing.

5) Do not change your jewelry (unless there is a problem with the size or material of the initial jewelry) for the entire healing period.

6) Leave jewelry in at all times. Do not remove to clean, even well-healed piercings can shrink or close within minutes, making re-insertion difficult or impossible.

Aftercare for Oral Piercing:


What you need:

Sterile Saline solution with no additives (read label carefully).

Alcohol free mouthwash



1) Rinse your mouth with alcohol free mouthwash 4-5 times daily for 30-60 seconds, after eating or drinking anything other than water.

2) Soak down a few Q-tips in saline solution to clean the exterior of the piercing 2-3 times daily. Do NOT touch or play with the piercing or jewelry.


Things to avoid for the first 2-3 weeks:

3) Avoid oral contact (French kissing, sharing drinks etc)

4) Avoid smoking and/or rinse your mouth thoroughly after each cigarette

5) Avoid large amounts of dairy (milk, yogurt, cheeses etc)

6) Avoid spicy foods and large amounts of caffeine as they will make swelling worse.

7) Avoid alcohol, chewing on gum, fingernails, pencils etc.

After the initial swelling has decreased (2-3 weeks) shortening the length of your initial jewelry is recommended to avoid causing prolonged irritation to the gums and teeth. Other than this downsizing (done at the shop by a Piercer), do not change your jewelry for the entire healing period.

Any questions about aftercare procedure feel free to call Megan at the shop.

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